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Sunday 18th of March 2018

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An Easy Mobile Solution

The benefits of an Easy Mobile solution are simple. Combining your Easy Domain, Easy Website and our Easy CMS you now have control of your entire business domain. Making those all important updates to a website has never been easier, you can now update your Website information and this will automatically update your mobile website with the click of a button, speeding up user management and maintenance.

In two years time there will be an estimated 1.7 Billion people using mobile smart phones

This is a phenomenal statistic that all businesses should consider as this will be a boost factor to their online return on investment.

Added Search Benefits

Having a mobile website not only makes you available to a wider audience but it helps to increase your Search Engine Ranking for both your main and your mobile website - Extra coverage is a key aspect to getting noticed. Our Easy Mobile solution will help you get all of this.

Easy Contact

Easy Mobile is the perfect way for people to get in touch. Directing people to your mobile website allows for people to have a simplified and user friendly experience; our Easy Mobile solution extends on this by providing functionality for easy and direct enquiries or phone calls.

Mobile Website

Achieve more with less

By using this small, easy and effective marketing solution you can achieve the greatest things that a business needs; Accessibility, Exposure, Practicality and Mobility. Embracing these key factors will help your business progress, understand the needs of the professional as well as the needs of your business.