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How do I select a good generic domain name?

1 - Think of four phrases your targeted business audience will be using on word searches on the search engines to find your business or service (e.g. heating contractor or electrical contracts, plumber or electrician).

2 - Now attach the town, cities or counties you wish to be found in (e.g. heating contractor London, or electrical contracts Manchester, plumber Norfolk, electricians Edinburgh).

3 - Now use the easy search tool on the site to see if the domains are available (search engines do not recognise common words e.g. and, my, in, the etc we recommend use hyphens). If you are unable to find a generic domain name available to suit your area or services contact our easy advisors on 0800 058 8250 and we will help.

4 - If you've found a good generic domain name simply contact Easy Domains and we will take care of the rest. Be quick to make sure nobody else purchases the domain before you.

Why purchase my company domain or Web site address?

Our clients told us they had spent many years building their business by word of mouth and reputation but now they needed to be found on the major search engines (Google, Bing, Yahoo, ASK).

Our recommendation is easy. Easy Domains recommend you purchase your company name in all suffixes available to you (e.g. .com, .co.uk, .net), and point/redirect to your business website. The cost is nominal in advertising terms and your re-occurring fees are minimal compared to other forms of advertising.

How would you feel if your company name was pointing to your competitor's web site? With the extensive growth of the internet and mobile platforms our clients agree it is good peace of mind to own your available domain names out right.

We make purchasing all your company domains, the management and control easy. Contact Easy Domains and we will take care of everything for you.

Why purchase more than one company domain name or web site address?

Easy Domains recommend the purchasing generic domain names e.g. www.heating-contractor.co.uk or www.electrical-contracts.co.uk. Your targeted business audience will be using service specific word searches on the search engines to find your business or service. If you own generic domain names containing those key words, chances are you will be at the top of the list in the search engine rankings if managed correctly.

In easy terms, the major search engines are the largest advertising mediums in the UK and throughout the world. The Internets availability at home and through mobile platforms allows for your business or product to achieve greater exposure to more local and national markets, with the right strategy in place it is possible to compete internationally too.

It's easy to turn a good generic domain name into a low cost tool for your business to gain maximum exposure on the search engines with little cost. It's easy to turn a good generic domain into a positive asset to your business which could potentially be sold on later in time. We make selling easy for you by providing the service to buy and sell domains with our Easy Resell service.

What are the different domain extensions?

.co.uk .org.uk .me.uk .uk.com .uk.net .gb.net .gb.com*

*As of April 30th 2017, .gb.com domains (along with a handful of other ccSLDs) will no longer be active.

Put simply these domains are available for registration for commercial businesses or organisations throughout the United Kingdom. If you are able to register and use any of the above extensions then we are able to help point these in the right direction. If the domain names you are looking for have already been taken contact us and we will be able to provide you with a strong alternative.

.com .org .net

These domains were the first to be used in the early days of the internet and are wrongly associated with American businesses or organisations. You are able to register and use any of the above and point them to any website.

.biz .info

Released a little later than the .com .org .net. Again you are able to register and use any of the above extensions and point them to any web site.


This extensions is designed for use with a mobile website, we do not recommend you use this extension as it is very limited. Easy Domains recommend an alternative solution with our Easy Mobile service which integrates with your easy website allowing for greater search engine coverage and easy contact.

Can we use any domain extension?

The answer is yes. The domain you own is unique to your company and can only be used on the internet by your business.

Do I own the domains I register?

The answer is yes. They are registered in your business name and solely owned by your business.

Why host my domains or web site address?

Search engines crawl the internet on a regular basis to collect content from your website. They look for unique non-plagiarised content which will help build up your website page rank. Easy Domains can manage your domain, we correctly administer the DNS (Domain Name Servers) to ensure that your easy website is meeting the search criteria.